Around and around we go

4 thoughts on “Around and around we go”

  1. Hi Melanie 🙂

    IDK of I think more about “proverbial” or “dandelion” — do you know that song by the Rolling Stones?

    What do proverbs mean to you?

    I just checked out your “about” page — I think you should try using the “customizer” to set up a “menu” and include that page on your site navigation links (sorry, a little heavy on WP-language 😉 ).

    In the meantime I’ll write about it & hope something positive happens.

    Chin up — and always look on the bright side of life!

    🙂 Norbert

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    1. oops — oh, I see it now! It’s link named “The Roots” in the “Hamburger” menu @ top right — I often forget to check for that…

      whatever, nevermind! 😀

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    2. Oh I am not good at tech related things, but I’ll look into it when my brain has a bit more power to it. But thank you for the advice.
      I tend to go by the literal dictionary meanings of words, and proverbial fitted in with how I relate to actual dandelions but yes I am also a Rolling Stones fan

      Thank you so much for your comment and advice. It is very much appreciated

      I’ve now got Monty Python stuck in my head 😂

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